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POTENT AND ORGANIC: Our Grapefruit Essential Oil is 100% pure, natural and organic, extracted using only the finest grapefruit peels. Its potent formula is perfect for aromatherapy, skin and hair growth, and diffuser oils for home use.


PREMIUM QUALITY: We pride ourselves on delivering premium quality essential oils and our Grapefruit Essential Oil is no exception. It is carefully distilled to preserve the therapeutic benefits of the fruit, providing you with the best quality possible. Our grapefruit essential oil is organic and fruity, making it perfect for use in aromatherapy.


REFRESHING CITRUS AROMA: Our Grapefruit Essential Oil boasts a refreshing, zesty and invigorating citrus aroma that will uplift and energize your senses. Its clean and fresh scent is perfect for diffusing in your home, office or car. our grapefruit essential oil organic is an ideal choice for aromatherapy oils for diffusers for home use.


MULTIPLE BENEFITS: Grapefruit Essential Oil has a wide range of benefits for your skin, hair and overall well-being. It is known to promote hair growth, improve skin tone and texture, and boost your mood and energy levels. Our organic grapefruit essential oil is a versatile and effective option for those seeking the many benefits of fruity essential oils.


VERSATILE AND EASY TO USE: Our Grapefruit Essential Oil is extremely versatile and easy to use. Simply add a few drops to your diffuser, bath, or massage oil to experience its rejuvenating benefits. It's also a great addition to your DIY skincare routine. Our grapefruit essential oil is organic, making it a perfect choice for those seeking natural and effective essential oils for their daily use.


Want to read more about how to use our essential oils?  Check out our blog post, click here for more info.

Grapefruit Essential Oil - Citrus x paradisi - by NPOW™

1 Milliliter
  • Essential oils are highly concentrated and should be used in moderation.


    Always dilute essential oils properly, perform patch tests to check for sensitivities or allergies, and follow recommended dilution ratios.


    It is crucial to source high-quality essential oils from reputable suppliers to ensure purity and effectiveness.

  • Contraindications

    • May irritate sensitive skin.
    • Avoid UV exposure after use due to phototoxicity of all citrus oils.

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